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Eczema Strength with Gregg Clark Jr.

Eczema doesn’t have to take your power away. We talked to life coach and mentor Gregg Clark Jr. about how he’s learned to face his eczema with strength. 

Gregg’s thoughtfulness and ability to motivate those around him are one-of-a-kind. We had so much fun spending time with Gregg on set—his playful spirit lights up the room!—and admire his advocacy for TSW awareness and skin of color representation.

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Eczema can sometimes make us feel powerless–but it's also possible to reclaim our power, and to face our eczema with strength. How have you done that in your own life?

What really allowed me to claim my power back from eczema was first allowing myself to be a victim. Understanding what I am experiencing is not my fault provided me with grace to have more love for myself, despite my outward appearance. This allowed me the confidence to share my story and in doing so, what I began to realize is the more I share my story, the more power I regain back for my life to live! Also, the more I shared my story the more I began to realize I am not alone in this.

What steps can we take to feel strong and powerful while living with eczema?

Step one: Create a vision of the life and health you want. From my experience, this allowed me to focus on the life and health I want to live rather than what I'd been receiving. 

Step two: Attach what you think reaching that new vision of your life would feel like. Are you smiling? Where are you? How does your skin feel? How does it feel knowing you are a healthier version of yourself? 

Step three: Own your eczema, don't let it own you. Many of us are still able to enjoy particular aspects of life while others who suffer are not. This allowed me to show gratitude for my life, despite the current circumstance. 

Extra credit: Remember our body's main priority is to focus every cell on healing itself, it is our minds that will tell us otherwise.