Gladskin is based on breakthrough science three billion years in the making.

Nature designed your skin with a built-in security system—your skin microbiome. Just like your gut, your skin has an active microbiome—the good and bad bacteria that live on its surface. When the bacteria are in balance, you have healthy skin. When bad bacteria take over, many common skin problems arise. 

Why is your skin microbiome so important?

Think of it like a microscopic ecosystem that lives on your skin and helps it do its work, like fighting germs and keeping your body temperature level in summer and winter. A diverse community of good bacteria that keep bad bacteria in check is integral to your skin microbiome health.

When your skin microbiome is balanced.

Your skin naturally produces all the nutrients it needs to be healthy, including:

skin barrier-protecting fats and vitamins

natural defenses that keep bad bacteria from taking over

When your skin microbiome is imbalanced.

It produces toxins that directly trigger inflammation that leads to skin problems like:

eczema flares

facial redness



Better Science for Better Skin

At Gladskin, we believe the best way to care for skin conditions is by balancing your skin microbiome, so your skin naturally produces everything it needs to stay healthy over the long term. We help your skin help itself.

Meet Micreobalance®

The ingredient that makes us different.

Micreobalance® is a patented smart protein that helps create an environment where good bacteria can thrive. We call it a smart protein because it is one of nature’s superheroes, tough on bad bacteria while it protects the good.

Scientifically speaking, Micreobalance® is an Endolysin SA. While the nature that inspired Micreobalance® is ancient, it wasn’t until ten years ago that scientists in Switzerland were able to mimic nature and develop the endolysin in a university microbiology lab. Gladskin scientists have spent years developing compatible formulas for people with common, but serious, skin problems. Since 2015 these formulas have been getting rave reviews from people all over Europe with inflammatory skin conditions.

Gladskin True Biome™ with Micreobalance®

Active, targeted solutions for your skin concern.

Every True Biome product contains Micreobalance®, our hero ingredient that actively helps keep your skin microbiome in balance. But each formula is unique, tailored to support the needs of each skin condition and skin type, with different ingredients, textures, and feel. Every ingredient in the product you choose has been thoughtfully selected to treat your skin concern while delivering Micreobalance®.

Gladskin Eczema Cream with Micreobalance®

A long-lasting all-over moisturizer to repair your damaged skin barrier. It’s free of steroids, preservatives, fragrances, and drying alcohols, ingredients known to irritate eczema-prone skin, and it’s even gentle enough for babies.

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Gladskin Redness Relief Cream with Micreobalance®

A just-right facial moisturizer with minimal and safe ingredients that calm redness-prone, dry, and sensitive skin with results you can see and feel. No antimicrobials, preservatives, fragrances, or drying alcohols.

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Gladskin Biome Care™

Preservative-free daily skincare that respects your skin microbiome.

Most skincare products contain preservatives, which disrupt your skin microbiome by killing bacteria, including the good bacteria which we now know are needed to keep skin healthy. Our Biome Care™ products are formulated with minimal ingredients and no preservatives, helping to maintain the balance of your skin microbiome and support the work of True Biome™ products.

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