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Who is Gladskin?
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Gladskin is on a mission to improve life for people with inflammatory skin conditions. We’re revolutionizing skincare and reimagining what treatment looks like by focusing on a major next frontier in human health: the microbiome.

We are the only skincare company in the US that uses patented endolysin science in our products to address inflammatory skin conditions.This breakthrough science was made possible by Professor Dr. Martin Loessner’s Department of Health Sciences and Technology Laboratory at the ETH Zurich University in Switzerland.

Gladskin is a subsidiary of the European biotechnology company Micreos, which is developing sustainable alternatives to antibiotics in order to solve global antibiotic resistance.

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We'd like to thank our advisors and researchers from Yale University, University of Chicago, University of Seattle, The National Eczema Association, the Public Health Laboratory in the Netherlands, and the Erasmus Medical Center. With these top doctors and scientists, we are leading the way—creating practical, easily available products that safely solve inflammatory skin health problems, including eczema and facial redness.

ETH Zurich Campus,
Micreobalance®  birthplace

The Gladskin Lab in the Netherlands

The international Gladskin team at an offsite

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to make skin glad for everyone by working with the nature of skin itself to restore skin health. We care about people and are driven to relieve human health struggles in ways that help, don’t harm.

Nature is smart. The smartest scientists work with and respect its subtle powers. We believe Gladskin products should work fast and have no known adverse effects. We strive to make them sustainable and affordable so people everywhere can live with glad skin.

Our Product Offering

Gladskin products are designed to restore skin health for people with inflammatory skin conditions. They are minimally formulated and free of fragrances, steroids, drying alcohols, parabens, and sulfates. Our patented protein Micreobalance® rebalances the skin microbiome, addressing inflammatory skin conditions in a safe, sustainable new way.

Not a stronger product.

It's a smarter solution.

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Our Scientific Advisory Board

Peter Lio, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist

Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology & Pediatrics, Northwestern University School of Medicine

Richard Antaya, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist

Professor of Dermatology, Yale School of Medicine

Director, Pediatric Dermatology, Yale Dermatology Associates

Robert Sidbury, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist

Professor, Department of Pediatrics University of Washington School of Medicine

Chief, Division of Dermatology, Seattle Children's Hospital