Gladskin to join the stage with P&G and L'Oreal at Microbiome Connect - Gladskin

Gladskin to join the stage with P&G and L'Oreal at Microbiome Connect

The 6th annual Microbiome Connect: Skin USAtaking place in Boston on June 3-4, will bring together the leading voices in skin microbiome to discuss the latest developments in this space.

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The skin microbiome is not new science, but experts are just beginning to understand how we can help and protect it to improve conditions such as atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis. Microbiome Connect: Skin USA is a conference that will bring together big names in the field of skincare to discuss groundbreaking research (like the skin-gut connection), product development, and claim translation (re: why would this product work for me?”).


We believe in giving the power of science back to our users. What’s the hype around the skin microbiome anyway? For starters, our skin is a protective layer, and it’s actually teeming with life! It faces the weather, chemicals, and synthetic materials DAILY, while keeping us safe from diseases invisible to the naked eye. The skin microbiome is the environment that exists just on the surface, comprised of microscopic organisms, like bacteria, and their interactions with our body’s chemistry and external environment. Spoiler alert – these interactions aren’t always positive!


Gladskin has studied the skin’s natural processes that keep our protective layer strong and healthy, and has created a product to balance it when it needs that extra support. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring Gladskin science to Microbiome Connect this June, alongside P&G and L’Oreal, and talk microbiome balance - our approach to outsmarting eczema. Stay tuned!


lineup of 12 speakers including Skyler Stein