The Elements of Relief - Gladskin

The Elements of Relief

At Gladskin, we like to say “every ingredient has a purpose.” In order to outsmart eczema, our scientists have come up with a concoction of effective, yet gentle elements. Observing how these components mirror natural processes illuminated how they might come together to restore balance and hydration to dry, inflamed, eczema-prone skin. 

Meet our key players: Moisturizers, Activators, and Balancers.

Ingredients that Moisturize:


Flare after flare, connective tissue becomes sensitive. Though it can get a bad rep,  Petrolatum strengthens the skin barrier by acting as a moisture lock, helping skin stay hydrated, even down to its deepest layers. Derived from nature, purified, and highly effective, this ingredient is best for the most fragile, dry skin. 


Eczema dries. Humectants keep things moist. Some might be concerned that Glycerin actually depletes skin of its natural moisture, which is possible when a humectant is too concentrated (rarely seen in cosmetics). The opposite is true for our plant-derived Glycerin - it draws moisture from the air to hydrate the surface of the skin. Glycerin is the key to the lock and works best when combined with other expert moisturizers, as we’ve done with our cream.

Cetearyl Alcohol 

Not all alcohols are the same. Instead of drying, some actually moisturize! Cetearyl Alcohol is considered a fatty alcohol - a natural emollient that improves the feel of our cream, and the feel of skin by softening and soothing it.

Arginine HCL 

Think of Arginine HCL as a conditioner for your skin. It has hydrating properties when applied topically, in addition to healing promotion. Exactly what brittle,cracked skin needs. Speaking of conditioner, Gladskin is perfectly safe to use on scalp flares (and anywhere else your skin needs a little TLC). 

Mineral Oil 

When your skin barrier is compromised, it’s difficult to retain moisture - i.e. Sahara level dry skin. Found in nature and purified, mineral oil helps by forming a lipid barrier that reduces the loss of water from surface layers, by trapping it. It contributes to keeping skin soft and smooth as one of the safest, naturally effective moisturizing agents available. 


Ingredients that Activate


Like mom - Ceteareth-20 keeps it all together. For skin to be it’s healthiest, it needs both oil and water - elements that don’t typically mix. This compound is an emulsifier that helps create (and stabilize) our cream’s overall texture by ensuring our ingredients play nice. 

Calcium Chloride

To get a tough job done, we sometimes need a helpful push. Calcium chloride is a mineral salt that does just that for Micreobalance® - maximizing its potency, so that a little goes a long way, quickly. Our cream works in just 5 minutes, we have CaCl2 to thank for that!


If you’ve ever heard of the “acid mantle,” it’s because skin pH is slightly acidic. This is vital in ensuring the surface layer prevents infection and irritation caused by external chemicals and microbes. Gladskin also requires a stable pH to ensure we deliver high quality cream with every pump - Tromethamine regulates the pH balance in our formula to keep Micreobalance® active!

Ingredients that Balance:

Sodium Chloride

Electrolytes are commonly found in sports drinks, but our bodies had the idea first. Sodium Chloride is naturally produced in fluids and tissues to facilitate water absorption and improve electrolyte balance.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Consider it skin food. Packed with nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties, colloidal oatmeal is known to soothe and hydrate (it’s a natural emollient) even the most prickly skin. The starchy and fibrous makeup of this fine powder helps with redness, moisture retention, and itch-relief, without disrupting the natural pH of the skin.


As a foundational ingredient in our cream, we only use the best - water that’s been deionized and tested for quality according to United States Pharmacopeia standards. Water that’s been purified and balanced itself. 


Four 4 out of 5 individuals, imbalances in the skin microbiome lead to eczema flares. Cue Micreobalance®: Gladskin's hero ingredient. This smart protein was specially patented to balance the good and bad bacteria that are at war on your skin, while bringing in moisture. It's science designed to work with the nature of your skin, bringing harmony to its delicate ecosystem.

There you have it: a unique blend of skin friendly elements; each ingredient with intelligent purpose. Notice how we don’t have any preservatives, steroids, fragrances, sulfates, or parabens. Harsh chemicals, which ultimately irritate and weaken skin, harm good bacteria, and prevent the protective layer from healing. Gladskin learned from nature to nurture your skin. Eczema relief: bottled.