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Happy Skin, Happy Family, Happy Mom

Treating eczema is a family affair, especially for those with young warriors. Moms work tirelessly to keep track of allergens, irritants, food sensitivities, and skin health - often sleep-deprived and frustrated themselves (just the tip of the iceberg according to this Eczema Survey). But, for the moms who’ve discovered Gladskin, the story has a happier ending.

We talked to Jess, a warrior mom, about how Gladskin has changed her life. She raves, “no more kids climbing out of bed with complaints of itchy dry skin, or patches that burn when lotion or creams are applied to them.” For her son, who experiences stubborn flares on the back of his knees, applying Gladskin doesn’t feel “spicy,” how he describes the smoldering sensation other creams generate. Kids that sleep through the night means that parents finally get the rest they need.

before and after picture of back of knee with eczema

Feeling helpless in the face of a chronic condition, like eczema, is a common struggle Jess and many mom’s face. Spending countless hours researching treatments and countless dollars on those that claim to be different - just to see your tiny ones in pain and restless another day is defeating. Mom’s don't have to worry about causing further discomfort when using Gladskin and happily avoid another chore on the cleaning to-do list, “I love that I can rub it in and not have a greasy residue left to stain clothes or furniture.”


Most skin conditions are hereditary, which is why families are relieved to find that Gladskin is helpful for children and adults - it benefits every member of the household. “As a mom I suffer from “housewife’s eczema” where my hands are just always completely trashed from daily tasks, hand washing, mothering... I can honestly say we ALL have a lot happier skin,” Jess explains it’s not just the Midwest winters wearing down her hands to the point of cracking and bleeding. 

Moms are always prepared for a flare. For Jess, this means keeping a full house stocked - at least 4 bottles spread out in the home for easy access, “my husband has been so amazed at how well it works…we will honestly never go without Gladskin in our routine.” 

3 chlidren sit together

Heroes without capes, mom’s do it all. Luckily, Gladskin helps them do less. “I not only don’t worry about my little boy’s eczema or my baby girl’s chapped cheeks, I know that should we have a flare arise, we have the exact tool we need to combat it quickly!” For Jess, the constant search for effective eczema treatments is over - having one product that works across all ages, from eczema to dry skin, and is irritant-free.

Happy skin, happy family, happy Mom.