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How This Mom Fought - and Won - Against Her Baby’s Eczema

Picture this: A 2-day old infant with a small rash on her face. Left alone to heal on its own, the rash is diagnosed as “baby acne.” Several weeks later, the rash, which only covered a small portion, is now splattered across the face. A trip to the pediatrician resulted with an eczema diagnosis and an Rx for over the counter hydrocortisone cream. It cleared the eczema overnight, but sure enough, it would come back with a vengeance once the steroids stopped working. And though steroids suppressed the reaction, they didn’t address the root cause. Her parents went through the journey of searching for products that could treat the eczema, without (or few) side effects. Yet, the trial and error only led to sleepless nights, and constant scratching that left her face bloody. Her skin would become dependent, flaring more aggressively and painfully each time. This is Olivia’s story.

baby smiling in highchair

“The routine went on for five months until one day I came across Gladskin. After reading that Gladskin targeted bacteria that can be found with eczema, I thought I’d give it a try. We put Gladskin all over Olivia’s face. We applied Gladskin four times that first day, even though only two applications were required.


The next morning, when I picked her out of bed, I was so ecstatic to see her face had significantly improved and almost healed completely. After continued use of Gladskin, her face was cleared. Eventually, if she would have a flare-up, Olivia’s eczema was less severe and more mild, making it even more manageable. Gladskin has been such a blessing to us. I no longer panic when I see a new flare-up, having Gladskin on hand gives me relief in knowing that I have something to help her heal fairly quickly so she can feel better and get her beautiful skin back.”

before and after picture of collarbone area with a rash

We understand the frustration and worry that follows disappointment in the search for eczema relief as a parent. Thanks to moms like Giselle, we also understand the peace of mind that comes with finally finding a product won’t hurt your baby, but help heal. Simply put, “It makes a parent feel good.”

Giselle, Olivia’s mom

Olivia is 11 months old and has been using Gladskin since December 2019.

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